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Now pretend they did it for months and for thousands of cars.

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Not sure if that was before or after the MLG buyout of Gotfrag or not though.ESEA has made sure that all Bitcoin mining has stopped. ESEA.You are not paying for headshots, facebook is using data you already uploaded: 1) your facebook pic, 2) your facebook likes.ESEA gaming client hijacks GPUs for Bitcoin. of a bitcoin miner in the ESEA client was. knowledge of any bitcoin mining until the scandal.I am not saying that a newly developed replacement for ESEA will reach the same heights overnight but to think it would be completely out of picture is just not right.

SAme thing would happen to anyone else, and ESEA is no exception.Fraley was all about improper publication of things users had ALREADY admitted to liking.Craig Levine on ESL, the bitcoin scandal, and North American Counter-Strike Wednesday, September 16th 2015 at 11:47AM BST. cofound the successful ESEA service,.ESEA served class action lawsuit over bitcoin malware scandal.Bitcoin, the virtual currency that has been racing toward acceptance as a genuine currency, had a colossal setback this past Tuesday, when a major Bitcoin exchange.Unfortunatly for things like this to work, you need to ask for paying customers.

This is also NOT acceptable, and a s a result, lpkane has been fired.EDIT: Had to put it in retard terms so a couple people could read it correctly.

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So they dropped your car off in the morning all trashed, and walked away counting a stack of money.Also, not only that, consider the actual revenue Facebook gathers from an ad (usually pennies on the dollar for the type of side-bar ad that Fraley was about).

This in turn overheated and destroyed many of peoples precious 400-600 dollar graphic cards.

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Something that some CPL staff members attempted (successfully) by selling the CPL to international groups that were actually CPL employees pretending to be someone else.Because there is no way ESEA is going to admit to how much they mined until compelled to do so by a court.By the time ESEA league launched, the newest incarnation of CS was over four years old.For CSGO players who use CEVO. and ESEA because of the Bitcoin.The malware used harnessed peoples graphics cards to make Bitcoin for themselves.

ESEA League began offering lessons to improve gaming skills in 2003 providing instruction in Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Warcraft III.They need to take a few more actions, be more transparent, and work ten times as hard to earn our trust back.

One factor that I believe could have played a part in the quick deterioration was that the card could be defective, but it was fine before I mined and this is just pure speculation.ESEA never had leagues because CAL and CEVO reigned at the time.ESEA filled a void that was not going to get filled by anything resembling a pro organization, that is the reality people need to come to terms with.For the people who play CS:Go, i would strongly suggest checking out Cevo and Faecit Both of these programs offer there own match making services, and.Its a backwards mentality, we support the leagues so the pros will play, sponsors stay happy and the game devs and servers have incentive to stick with the game.

They had it coming from years of mismanagement, taking advantage of the community, sponsors, and the players.Over three years ago the previous client developer installed a bitcoin miner into the ESEA. of this size could plausbly live down such a scandal,.

So for those of you into competitive CS or Esports in general, looks like one of the premier leagues is in some hot water.I 110% agree that people should be held accountable for not keeping an eye on Jaguar.

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The state of California is hosting more legal episodes involving Bitcoin.You merely asked for his username and all these angry kids just downvoted you.

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I just try to look at it like a butt hurt twelve year old ESEA fanboy, instead of just a butt hurt twelve year old.I have a small little computer sales business and thought while testing out a computer shipping out during quality control, why not mine at the same time.

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You cant do shit like they did. Period. Now just like every other business in the real world, they are going to have to defend themselves and possibly be found liable for a lot of damages.

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This community never cared about the pros getting fucked over as long as they were being entertained because CPL matches were easier to spectate.The circle jerk is attacking anyone and everyone who has ever been related to ESEA or admitted to ever enjoying playing an ESEA pug even once.What happened to everyone refusing to use ESEA because of the bitcoin mining scandal.If your gpu died while mining it is possible it was caused by the bitcoin mining, but muuuuuch more likely it was just getting old and dying and having heat problems from shitty case airflow etc.Three claimants have filed suit against eSports community ESEA over malware found in its popular anti-cheating client.Bitcoin users in Canada are actually thankful for the shut down of the illicit Silk website,.