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Also there are card counters who have an edge in Blackjack and manage their money to make a reliable profit.Ghana Bitcoin Forum. you may still be able to view forums and topics,.Bitcoin Forum - Join in our biggest bitcoin community and discuss the latest trend of bitcoin and all other coins.Bitcoin and altcoins trading,. pumps, speculation. 1906 Posts 384 Topics Last post by Strymex in STRYMEX.Discussion about the Bitcoin economy and Speculation about the Bitcoin Price. Discussion about the Gunty Forum. 75 Posts.

Bitcoin is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency project.With that said I know some people who have made money off of it.Most people that venture into cryptocurrencies will be in Bitcoin.Basically one source in the world (Democratic Republic of Congo) and no easy alternatives.A programmer on a Bitcoin Talk forum paid another user 10,000 bitcoin to buy two.Bitcoin price prediction and chart analysis are among the most popular topics on.

EDIT: Part of my faith in bitcoin comes from the people investing in it and how much they are investing.Investing is buying something of value that is expected to increase in value.When you own companies that are profitable, those businesses grow in is the only official GunBot community. Discussion about the Bitcoin economy and Speculation about the Bitcoin Price. Discussion about the Gunty Forum.

The only way you make money is if you sell it for more than you paid.A few searches of prior bogleheads posts will yield mostly negative reactions from the group. I get why.the technology itself and the speculation regarding its future is very inconsistent with the fundamentals of being Boglehead.

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I started trading cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin) a few months back with some money I wanted to speculate with.

Recent speculation on Bitcoin Talk forums, suggests that John Nash is.In the coming years I believe a single blockchain will emerge upon which a large amount of internet commerce will take place.Printed, Coming soon, cryptocurrency, bitcoins, BTC, altcoins, investing, trading, speculation, coins.Bitcoin may be the reigning prima donna of the crypto market but Morgan.You need to have a edge, a sound reason to think that it will provide a return on investment.

Shorters can reduce volatility, help with price discovery, and generally increase market health.

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Free Forum registration is now open. Bitcoin price speculation 07-11-2016,.The gold comparison is interesting because my perception is that gold has always had an uneasy relationship with Boglehead philosophy.

Child Boards: Mining software (miners), Pools, Mining speculation, Hardware, Mining support: Project Development. 61269 Posts.BTW, the same two things must hold for risky gambling to be a good idea. (There is such a thing as arbitrage in gambling, so some gambling moves involve no risk.).BTW, using the same definition, insurance or extended warranties fall under gambling.Gold is divisible, difficult to counterfeit, durable (difficult to destroy), fungible, transferable, and perhaps most importantly: predictably scarce.

The statistical expectation of the ROI has to be greater than zero, it not enough to merely have a well-founded belief that you might make money.The Mustachian Forum. I cringe whenever I hear a seasoned investor make stock bubble comparisons to Bitcoin.You could just purchase more of the total stock market index and you will be investing in NVIDIA and AMD.

Bitcoin has broken free of all market constraints and has managed to fall.

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Bitcoin on the other hand, like other commodities, has no regular payout nor inherent capacity to generate regular payments to you.Beyond speculation, Bitcoin is also a payment system with useful and competitive attributes that are being used by thousands of users and businesses.But since it is not Poker you are claiming that this is gambling.

When you invest in business, you receive your fair share of the profits in accordance with your percentage ownership.

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There are multiple other coins technologically superior to bitcoin and more being made each day.The words conservative, play and bitcoins sound like a very dangerous combination.